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What is it like working at a furniture store?

What is it like working at a furniture store?

What is it like working at a furniture store?

Hello everyone, it's Shelby! I honestly can say that I LOVE my days here at FYNFL. Most of them are amazing, I get to talk to new people and get to know a little bit about every person with their purchases. There are always pros and cons, like yesterday when mom called to tell me she sold my chair! Probably the worst part of this job is getting attached to the things in the store.  Plus, if you are like me, you order stuff for your house, put it in the store to sell and get upset when it does in fact sell.  It takes me back to the set that I have pictured, my first furniture love! I was so excited when it came it, enjoyed looking at and found myself extremely happy for the couple that ended up purchasing it. I felt validated with the purchase, someone liked the furniture I picked out! That is the ups and downs of a home decor/furniture store. You feel excited and validated when someone buys something you personally picked out at market, but you question the things still here. 

Often these things go through my mind when I see something still here after a week or two... Is it too expensive? I promise that we try VERY hard to keep things at a price that is reasonable for our customers (as much as we legally can without breaking contracts). Are the items outdated? Well, no, we have sales weekly to offer extra discounts on a variety of items so we can always offer new and different things when you come in, plus you can ALWAYS special order furniture!!  Do we have enough variety? Well if you have been in here recently you would know the answer to that is YES!!  That has been the best thing about our small family business, I get to shop with my best friend and mom! We have COMPLETELY different styles when it comes to home decor and furniture, enough to bring our customers a variety and yet somehow our store flows from one thing to another without missing a beat. (I won't lie, that has a lot to do with my moms amazing way of "Fluffing her Nest" as we often say here LOL)

I have honestly come up to the conclusion that we are all just different, maybe the person who is meant to be paired up with that item just hasn't stopped in yet! So we will continue to do what we are doing and hope to pair you with that item you have been looking for on your next visit!

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