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One Year Is Right Around the Corner

One Year Is Right Around the Corner

One Year Is Right Around the Corner

How can it possibly be coming up on our one year anniversary? Last year at this time we were coming back from our first successful market in Las Vegas with all these hopes and dreams for what Feather Your Nest For Less would be, and I can honestly say that with the support and love from all of you it is a dream come true!!

We have expanded so much from that first day when we rushed to get everything ready for the annual Cy-Hawk event in downtown Humboldt.  We knew with hard work and our little family joining forces we could obtain what seemed impossible early August of 2017. We opened without an "OPEN" sign, without a countertop, and frankly without a lot of furniture, which left our customers scratching heads wondering what kind of furniture store this was going to be.  

We have grown so much and that is in large part to our amazing neighboring stores who always tell their customers to come check us out, to our loyal customers who have liked us on Facebook, shared their amazing experiences with friends and family and continued to make us their place for gifts, home decor and furniture.  

So thank you all so much for everything this past year and we look forward to seeing all of you in the future!!

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